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ShortCut™ Catheter 


Unmet Needs in Current TAVI World



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Degenerated valves that require reintervention present a risk of coronary obstruction and coronary access impairment

TAVI in native valves present a risk of coronary impairment in a select group of patients

ShortCut™ Catheter

First dedicated transcatheter leaflet splitting device

ShortCut Catheter
ShortCut Catheter
ShortCut Catheter

Intended to enable coronary access and prevent coronary obstruction during TAVI

Complete control over positioning and leaflet splitting location

Designed for safe, simple splitting of single or double leaflets, with short procedural times

The ShortCut™ Procedure

CAUTION Investigational device. Limited by Federal lay to Investigational Use. 

The ShortCut™ device is to be used exclusively for clinical investigations.